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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  February 11, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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katie and meisha keeping an eye on things. this is a day to heat up the car early. >> you took the word right out of my mouth. yes, very cold, roadways are looking good, still slick, no doubt, and we have had a few accidents this morning. the not sure if that is a precursor of things to come. >> yeah, you know at least we can bank on dry weather for next couple of days, meisha but cold is a big weather head line in the days ahead especially for valentines weekend but for now we just had a system make its retreat and left behind a chill in the wake and it left behind lake enhanced snow currently falling across central pennsylvania. i wouldn't be shocked if you see a flurry fly here, guys but don't worry about any kind of accumulating snow. we are generally just in the clear, it is cold that becomes again the big story. what we will show you here is the polar invasion that is coming our way. no, not polar bears but polar air that comes in here. ahh. you are too funny. i prefer my polar bears behind
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a plate glass, hopefully. she's funny. but we are watching this cold air start to move in already and it gets reenforced, friday night lead nothing to saturday. watch what happens as we put this into motion. do you see the little blast of cold can start getting sent down. the as it all gets sent south, we're going to see temperatures plunge. meanwhile, outside we will go, in problems here at sky cam three, 34 degrees, and that feels like wind flow. it is not a really strong wind. i call it a breeze. fine line in my opinion but regardless, you notice it on days like this. 24 degrees feels like it is ten plus degrees colder. do the math in your head and knock that off every other value here because everybody end up with that breeze, throughout the day-to-day. it looks persistent. around the region we will go at best, flirting with or hitting 30 degrees for the shore, up in philadelphia and mountains though. pretty real stuff, 18 degrees at best and meisha, this is just the beginning it will get
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colder. >> do you see that eye role. >> yes. >> so tired of it. >> but it is february, that is how the dice rolls rolls. good morning. happy thursday. 422 westbound at oaks looking good but nice and quiet. ben franklin bridge, beautiful shot for those moving westbound looking great there, love the lights against the darkened sky there. schuylkill, headlights moving in the eastbound direction at montgomery drive, looking good, already moving, we are starting to see more flow hit the roadways. fairly typical on a thursday. the thursday is a day that can go like a early play on monday, tuesday, wednesday volume or as friday. we are not sure. we will keep an eye on it. it is starting to heat up a little bit as we move in the 5:00 o'clock hour. we have a accident in new jersey route 130 northbound at high street. within lane block here. a new accident that just came in an accident in bristol route 13 bristol pike and otter street all lanes block. state road to new rodgers road is probably going to be your best bet, for those in and
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around this area we have reports that it is probably more serious. construction route 42 north bound at 681, in place right now i'll let you know when that does clear. back over to you. developing right now, a cabdriver ambushed by a passenger with a knife. the cabby manager to drive himself to jefferson university hospital and that is where "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us and we are hoping that the cabdriver is okay, justin good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the cabdriver is doing just fine he can walk, talk and show us his hand so we can see that he is. he was not able to leave in his cab, that cabbies still here in front of the police cruiser here. it is now a crime scene and south detectives division is now on the case. again, that driver did show up his hand so he is otherwise fine. it was jefferson staff who called police just after 1:00 this morning as er teams worked on the hands of the cabdriver jazzwant mann. he was stabbed twice as he struggled with a knife and man
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in the the back of his cab. he said he could in the find his cell even if so he called 911 leaving him to fight in between. the driver said about midnight he pick up the man at fourth and south streets. the man says he then drove him to fourth and catherine, and then over to fourth and green and as they approached fourth and catherine that is when the driver says the man told him to give him everything that he had and then in the end all he got was $70. >> i thank god like everything is fine, you know, and so it is in big deal. >> it is not worth fighting for $70 or any amount of money if someone has a knife which is a deadly weapon or a gun or any weapon, if they announce a robbery, the best thing to do is give up your possessions. >> reporter: looking live at police tow trucks arrived to the scene outside the jefferson er preparing possibly to take that car to er and further this
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investigation. the police are looking for a suspect. he is described by the driver as a white male about 25 years old, clean shave even, last seen wearing a blue hoodie as he fled from the scene at fourth and catherine streets. now police say in light of that recent cab shooting, in point breeze over the weekend they are asking all drivers if they are held up to give over their possessions and report it the to police. that same lesson applies to each and everyone of us. it is not your worth your life, your cell even if or your money, police say. back to you. thanks very much. driver of the this smashed up car faces dui charges in fishtown police say he drove right the in the door for the fillmore concert venue at frankford and east allen street. the driver was taken to the hospital n word on his injuries. the impact did knock out a door but otherwise there is in major damage to the fillmore. happening today the city of philadelphia is ending its brown out program that closed fire companies to save money. three fire companies were
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closed every day and duty shifted to other companies. mayor jim kenney's father was a fire fighter and kenney called for the end of brown outs during the mayoral campaign. despite brown outs there were fewer fire fatalities in philadelphia last year then ever before. right now 5:06. royal caribbean's anthem of the seas is new back in new jersey after sailing straight in the the powerful winter storm this week. passengers say that they are so happy to be home one man even kissed the ground right there. don champion joins us live in bayonne, new jersey to share those stories of just a nightmare at sea. i'm sure they are happy they are back on ground, and solid land, good morning, don. >> reporter: this happy, good morning, erika. when the ship return to port here last night many passengers admitted they are still shaken by their experience. meantime a florida senator is questioning decision for this ship to even set sail last weekend when the captain knew a storm was brewing out at
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sea. after a night may have at sea passengers of the anthem of the seas cruise ship are back on solid ground sharing tails of the dream caribbean vacation gone wrong. >> wind was coming through doors, we thought it would break the glass. we slept on the receive because we didn't think we were going to make it. >> reporter: 200,000-ton liner set sail for bohamas last weekend but got caught in the major winter storm in the atlantic. the the vessel was battered by 30-foot waves and hurricane force winds. >> i was on deck e and i could sea water from the balcony. >> reporter: dennis mar was on the cruise with his family they spent hours on lock down while the ship's captain navigated out of the storm. >> my sister and brother were distraught. my mom was okay. they opened up the mini bar so that was good for her. >> reporter: royal caribbean officials are reviewing the storm avoidance policies to ensure an incident like this never happens again. >> it should never happen. we have got to do better.
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we can't ask guests that are coming to us for a dream vacation to experience those kind of conditions. >> reporter: some rattled passengers say they are done. >> i will in the hold it against them i'm just never cruising again. >> reporter: coastguard will inspect the ship before the it head out on the next voyage this week end. the passengers are not leaving empty handed, all of them will be given full refund for their cruise, they are also being given a certificate for 50 percent off their next cruise. in fact, erika i did speak to one woman who already book a cruise for next week even. >> good for her try it again. we understand some people had to stay on the cruise ship for the time being they could in the get off, why was that? >> reporter: yeah, that is right about 3,000 people remain on the ship, they will disembark later this morning. some of them, you have to remember this ship wasn't supposed to come back until this weekend so many of them have flights book for them. some of them are complaining
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that royal caribbean is not helping them to change those flights either. a lot of frustrating hours still ahead for many passengers on board this ship. >> headache continues, don champion, live from bayonne, thanks. at least 100 local college students are recovering from a mysterious out break. school officials at ursinus college in montgomery county health officials they are trying to find the source of the gastrointestinal illness. the affected students showed the same symptoms as vomiting, diarrhea and stomach pain. >> people were in their rooms and not in common area. they are washing their hand, staying away from everything. >> the school closed its cafeteria for a thorough cleaning and will remain close today. wawa and wegmans will provide meals on campus today. developing right now, the four remaining occupiers of the national wild life refuge in oregon are promised to go surrender later this morning. the last night the fbi used a
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bull-to attempt to negotiate an end to the standoff that began weeks ago. meanwhile the father of the leader of the occupiers has been arrested. authorities say that climate bundy was book in the lock up at county jail in oregon. we're this morning from former eagle lesean mccoy who could face charges after a nightclub brawl in olde city last week end. >> unaudible. >> didn't quite catch. that sean brace of philly stopped shady coming out of the center city tavern. mccoy made a mistake. two off-duty philadelphia officers were injured in the fight which began over a bottle of champagne early sunday morning at recess on south second street. one officer suffered a broken nose and broken ribs. the other a possible skull fracture. three other men could face charges in this fight.
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coming up, governor christie head back to his day job after dropping out of the race for the white house. hear his message to his supporters new that he is giving up his presidential ambition. i know difficult something wrong. i know it. i know that they will be too. >> reporter: embattled, attorney general catherine kane survives another day after surviving an attempt to force her out of office but her fight is far from over. details coming up. get ready for a deep freeze, katie says this is coldest weather we have seen in a year, she will let you know just how long this bitter blast will stick around. we will be right back.
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new jersey governor chris christie is work on next tuesday's budget address after ending his presidential bid. he finished sixth in the new hampshire primary with 7 percent of the vote. cbs news reports that christie decided to end his campaign after talking to major donors. he concluded he did not have enough financial support to keep the campaign going. the christie has not endorsed anyone just yet. christie posted a message on facebook and saying today i leave the race without a ounce of regret. i'm so proud of the campaign we ran, the people that ran it with me and all of those who gave us their support and confidence along the way. christie dropped out the same take carli fiorina ended her campaign. former hewlett packard ceo finished seventh in new hampshire with just 4 percent of the vote. the remaining republican presidential candidates are focusing on south caroline, democrats bernie sanders and
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hillary clinton face off in another debate tonight. as kim hutchinson report clinton pick up a key endorsement. >> reporter: democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton and bernie sanders will battle out thursday night in milwaukee at pbs democratic debate. despite a recent new hampshire primary loss clinton picked up a key endorsement web. >> members of the congressional black caulk as you cross many different generations, members in the 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's have collectively conclude that had hillary clinton is the right person for job. >> reporter: sanders met with reverend al sharpton but did he not extend a up doors. recent nbc wall street journal poll shows sanders is only showing 17 percent of support with african americans in south carolina compared to 74 percent support for clinton. political analyst michael nutter explain. >> because relationships are so long standing. they are so deep. they are real. they are real people who can
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testify to the nature of these relationships. >> reporter: from it cat analyst van jones says sanders numbers with african americans will improve. >> i think he will grow in the black community but where we are right the now he is not made those strong connections just yet. philosophically yes, historically yes but practically in the yet. >> reporter: kim hutchinson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". cbs news is hosting a debate with the g.o.p. candidates moderated by face the nation john dickerson from greenville, south carolina you can watch it saturday night at 9:00 right here on cbs-3. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane still has her job, for now. the state senate's attempt to remove her from office failed to get the needed 23rd majority. while the senate made its decision the house voted on whether to start a more conventional process. the if the judiciary committee recommend to impeach kane the house would then vote on impeachment, if so, the senate would put kane on trial. kane says that she's ready to move on and focus on her job.
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>> i know i did nothing wrong and i know they will see it too. am i looking forward to sitting there in that chair? no, i'm not. i have never been there before. >> kane is awaiting trial on charge that he is she leak secret grand jury information and lied bit under oath. pennsylvania supreme court has suspended her law license. >> it is 5:17. some advice get ready to crank up the heat in your car, this morning. we are dealing with arctic blast and it is sticking around too. the it is like an unwelcomed house guest that won't leave. >> it will be here for a licensing weekend, that is for sure. certainly with the valentines weekend coming up we have really good excuses to light a fire get romantic, you know, but it will be very, very chilly to the point that joking aside frankly if you are in the smart it could be dangerous. that is where we come n we will get you ready for what is coming our way. it doesn't look like any major storms through weekend that may change toward upcoming week but we will get to.
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that storm scan three at the moment all things considered calm and collect. i will she you this wide zoom. you see anything from the back over dakotas and streaking south through kentucky and backup again. do you see that curvature in the cloud. that is the chill settling in. we still have basically west to north west wind flow that is helping keep wind in place here. it will feel that much colder. temperatures difference as of this same time yesterday were about 10 degrees or so colder then it was, at 5:16 or so yesterday morning as it relates from the thermometer. war back in the mid 20's across ac up to philadelphia. much more chillier then my comparison at 1:00 at this hour in mount pocono but arctic blast when you factor in the wind looks like this, feeling much colder by the weekend. today because we have a breeze more like ten to 15 degrees at best for feels like values at best so bundle up. tomorrow not as windy so it won't be as harsh and then saturday feels like single digits, folks through the
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majority of the the day. very cold day coming up here. sunday is even colder. windy, cold for now, your high hits 29, maybe a flurry here and there dropping it down to 16 under generally clear sky and then the reenforcement coming in with the snow shower friday night into saturday morning but does not break out of the teens we think on valentines day. then monday night into tuesday, we have our eye on a potential for another storm system. you know what that groundhog, meisha... >> totally ignoring him. happy thursday. the good news it is a gate the way to the weekend and red ways are looking dry. is there in the still black ice out there because it hasn't been warm enough to thaw out but it does look dry and looking good. montgomeryville 202 taillight moving in the southbound direction at route 30 bypass looking good here. a few early risers is what we want to see here, and i-95 south at cottman just starting to heat upright around this s curve moving southbound i-95
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at cottman we watch every morning because we know this can get busy, quickly at 5:00 o'clock hour. this is when it starts to get busy and we are seeing that both from the southbound direction and in the northbound direction but overall looking good there. in new jersey, for those taking 42 freeway in the north bound direction looking good all the way to 295, not too much to talk about here roadways are looking good, they are looking nice and dry, exactly what we want to see pushing toward the 6:00 o'clock. we have an accident at bristol route 13 bristol pike at otter street all lanes are block here serious accident use an alternate state road to new rodgers road, erika, back over to you. we're learning new details about one of the local cases of the zika virus. also that boy was brought back to life thanks to some help from his big sister. >> ♪
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>> you'll hear how she's call under pressure and call for help when her brother stop breathing. that story coming up. good morning.
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era macing survival story is coming out of the deadly earthquake in taiwan. this time rescuers saved that little white dog buried in the ruble for four days, after the 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck. look at him. at least 44 people were killed in the quake. the rescuers think about 100 people are still trapped in debris of the apartment
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building that came crashing down. a police officer is being called a hero for saving a baby boy's life. jennifer mclogan reports the humble officer says it was the boy's older sister that is the real hero. >> reporter: call from this eight year-old inside a west hampton beach home saved her baby brother's life. >> this is ambulance dispatcher can i help you. >> my brother business to die he cannot breathe. >> reporter: second grader just home from school made the call for perfect frantic parent don't speak english, she calmy resided their dress and phone number. >> he is almost four years old. >> is he breathing at all. >> nope. >> is your mom yeah. >> yes. >> do you see his chest going up and down and breathing at all. >> no, he is turning purple. >> police officer christian la russo got there first. >> i'm coming up on the house, and i see the front door
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opened and mommies there and i go running in the house and he wasn't breathing at this point. >> reporter: officer la russo formerly of the nypd is a father of three and was toll the baby had a seizure. >> i started with some paths paths on the back and then i started with the cpr and i got through three cycles of that, couple more smacks on the back and i heard the greatest thing i ever her other than my own kid being been was this baby crying. >> reporter: a nation composure from the child. >> yes, she's eight years old. she was, calm, cool, collect on the phone with the 911 dispatcher. it is fantastic. >> oh, wow. jennifer mclogan reporting. after that near tragedy christopher's family has signed up for cpr training. all right. this morning, question for you how much would you pay for a cup of coffee, in more than a few dollars, right? wait until you hear outrageous price one coffee shop is charging, jan?
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and i'm coming to you live from ursinus college in collegeville, pennsylvania, where the dining halls are close today after a stomach illness makes at least 100 students sick, we will have details straight ahead. jan, arctic air reenforcement are on the way, we will expect these temperatures to be awfully cold today but this is the best it the is going to be in terms of that chill for next few days, we will tell you how low it will go coming up. also, meisha updating your thursday morning commute, she will let you in he about these early back ups to avoid heading to work and school this morning, we will be right back. i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better.
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good morning, a health scare at a local college, more than 100 students get sick with the stomach virus as that out break spreads across the campus. we will let you know one thing in common with all of those illnesses and is what being done today to help students who have not gotten sick just yet. but first a frigid start to the day, let's check it the out all bundled up, we saw people outside city hall covering up every little bit they could and it will only get cold are over next few days. when you see people hunched overhead down, they look miserable. we have all been there. >> yes. >> it is cold. >> funny, i had family flying in f


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